healthy-drinks-for-every-situationsNature has provided us with so many natural substances for us to consume,why do so many of us choose to go with process foods in our daily meals.We must choose wisely, process foods are not beneficial to our health and well being. Process foods have so many additives, some of which have no nutritional value to us at all. Making the choice of convenience,low cost,longer shelf life,sweetness,taste,smell,or just pleasing to the eye is not always worth it. A lot of these additives are man made chemicals with artificial food coloring. Some of these process foods have ingredient that which are difficult for us to pronounce and most us every day people going on our individual journey have never heard before.  So choose wisely people its your health you must considered here.

There are so many natural and organic substances that are grown on this good earth. We have available to us so many plants,nuts,flowers, roots, trees, fruits and vegetables. Nature has all things growing all over the world with beautiful colors,pleasant smells, delectable textures with so many juices tongue tingling flavors for us to enjoy. Nature also provide edible packages with an array of colors for so many its of natural grown fruits of nature’s labors. For our well being health wise the price is right at any price. Going natural or organic may take a little more time so manual,but natural weight loss and well health management is worth it.

fruit-and-vegetables   Lets get start on our journey with one of my favorites peppers. Peppers come in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and smells. I especially like the peppers, eating bell peppers is a fantastic way to stay healthy. All peppers come from the genus capsicum,the variety among pepper are tremendous,it more to a bell pepper than just a stuffed bell pepper. Capsicum in bell has been proven to effect the control of bad cholesterol,helps control diabetes.                         The about bell peppers they are low in calories(1 cup)=45 calories the daily quota of vitamin C&A ,this plenty of vitamin C which is good for your immune system and helps skin youthful. Youthful skin that is must have item plus youthful healthy hair this a key role to play in must on our journey.Bell peppers are a good source of vitamin E the vitamin that helps with help with the skin and hair. More vitamins in bell peppers vitamin B6, is essential for the health of nervous system and helps renew cells. Certain enzymes in bell peppers,such as lutein,protects the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration later in life. Also sulfur content in bell peppers may play a protective role in fight certain types of cancers.

Peppers play an important part in natural weight loss and well height management. Peppers taste great,peppers contribute to fight diseases,improving your health.  Peppers can improve your respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and many breathing problems. Well some people are stand-offish of any kind of pepper because they have the false knowledge of all pepper are hot but are not,some pepper are fruity sweet and full of vitamins.Some peppers are hot,some are very hot and some are fire hot. All this Author can say get to know your peppers, they can be so sweet.                                                                                                                                   You can eat your peppers raw, lightly cooked on low heat to get natural favor of them.You a have in meal or as a dish,in salads,as snacks,in soups, saute’ over rice,saute’ over pasta, saute’ with your favorite vegetables and blend them with your favorite fruits and vegetables.


Strep throat refers to an infection of the tissue in the throat by group A streptococcus bacteria. Not all sore throats are caused by bacterial infection and diagnosis cannot be confirmed without athroat culture. Home remedies for strep throat may include compresses, gargles, and herbs.

Symptoms of strep throat may include difficulty swallowing, sudden fever, nausea, rash, red throat with white patches, discomfort in throat, and loss of appetite. Some sore throats are caused by viruses, which do not require antibiotic treatment. Strep throat usually requires antibiotics to treat the infection and prevent complications, however, home remedies may be used in conjunction with medical treatment to relieve symptoms.

Many home remedies for strep throat feature drinking warm liquids. Honey or lemon tea may soothe discomfort. Licorice or honeysuckle teas may also help alleviate soreness. One homemade tea recipe calls for the juice of one-quarter of a lemon, one teaspoon (tsp) of apple cider vinegar, one tsp of honey, and a pinch of dried cayenne pepper.

Gargles may also be used as home remedies for strep throat. An easy mixture of one-half tsp of salt dissolved in one cup of warm water can be used several times per day. A gargle made of one-half tsp of dried cayenne or chili pepper and a cup of warm water may seem surprising, but the capsaicin in the peppers helps to numb a sore throat.

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Wish you all well on your weight loss and well health journey.                                                                                                                                                                             logging off CCarter

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