Let’s Drink To Your Health!

th thWe all should drink more than we eat, let us face it we are made up of mostly liquid more than anything. So when we do not eat enough nutrients in our daily meals it possible to add natural supplements in the form of extracts. It easier for people to get daily nutrients with supplements such as the many types of vitamin waters made available to us for purchasing because we do not take the time to make natural drinks ourselves. There is nothing like a fresh natural health drink, accept fresh home made a natural drink with natural supplemental extracts added to it so the drink itself is more potent with nutrients that beneficial to your health. So the next you prepare yourself a healthy natural homemade drink you may add a natural dietary supplement to that concoction. Please before you add or take away anything in your daily meal routine consult with your Healthcare Provider FightFatNaturally@gmail.com
. We at Fight Fat Naturally will continue to search for beneficial tips and aides to help you on your journey with Fight Fat Naturally to improve each and every one of your Weight and Health Management. To aid the journey it would beneficial to invest some tools to make drinks, concoctions, and recipes such as a good blender, a good juicer or any good crock pot. Nutrients that are needed to get to a healthy weight can be taken in dietary supplemental form Fight Fat Naturally, will recommend products from time to time as a tool or aid. All products, tool, and aides that are recommended by Fight Fat Naturally are supplied by Amazon.com these are on our website look in the upper left-hand corner of our website page under products when re-directed to our Amazon Store just type in name of the product. RECOMMENDED BY Fight Fat Naturally: Some type of chair exercise you may use youtube or DVD’s or walking more can help Yoga is good DVDs again or youtube. 1.)Ninja Master Prep(QB900R) 2.) Oster Juicer and Blend 2 Go 3.) Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Crock Pot. 4.) African Mango Extract Liquid Drops 5.)Forskolin Extract Liquid Drops 6.)Optimal Protein Powder Gluten-free, Soy-free Protein, NON-GMO Rice Protein, Sugar-Free Protein, Vegan Protein. 7.) Organic Liquid Night Time Multi-Minerals. 8.)Yogi Green Detox Tea. Recipes: A) Fruit Smoothie 8oz of orange juice,8oz of purified water,1 banana,6oz Greek Yogurt,1Tbs. Flaxseed oil,1Tbs. Chia seed,1Tbs.Lemon juice,1Clove,4Ices and Blend/can add natural Sweetener of choice. B.) Take a quart wide mouth Mason jar, put 28.oz of Purified Water in a jar, take a cup of your favorite fresh fruit diced/sliced or crushed, add a natural sweetener, seal lid put in the refrigerator to drink at your leisure. FightFatNaturally@gmail.com CCarter Logging

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